Get the most out of your land, planning and property development projects with training from industry insiders

Identify, negotiate and secure genuine off-market development opportunities, design optimum schemes and win the best planning permissions every time.

40 years of experience
152 planning permissions
7073 homes delivered
1367 students taught

Want to get more deals done, the right way?

Creating maximum value from land, planning and property development opportunities whilst de-risking the process isn't easy. So, the HBF, FMB and NHBC have all conducted research to find out - what is it that provides the biggest barriers to growth for both SME developers and larger housebuilders?

Leading industry reports all highlight the biggest problems faced by developers:

  1. The cost and availability of viable land
  2. Dealing with the delays and complexities of the planning system
  3. Securing the right finance


In recent years, dealing with supply chains and managing rising build costs has also become vitally important.

To get around these common challenges we’ll show you exactly how to:

  • Find the best opportunities with minimal competition
  • Quickly assess the potential without wasting time and money
  • Negotiate and secure opportunities on the best terms
  • Arrive at the most sustainable, optimal scheme design that will maximise both land value and profitability
  • Negotiate and win the very best planning permissions in the minimum time
  • Find, evaluate and manage the best funding, suppliers, professionals and teams at every stage of the process
  • Identify the best exit routes based upon your business plans, individual circumstances and ever-changing market conditions

Whether you’re looking to fine tune your own skills, those of your team, or even if you’re relatively new to the industry, expert guidance will help you solve your biggest problems, avoid costly mistakes and save decades of learning the hard way.

Find more sites
Win more planning permissions
Build more homes

Accelerate your development business to get further faster

Our training is designed to offer expert guidance that can be put to work straight away. There’s no onerous coursework or textbooks to wade through and you can learn in your own time, at your own pace, wherever it suits you - fitting your professional learning around your business or career goals.

Develop the skills of you and your team in the following areas:

Site finding: Identifying the best off-market sites and approaching landowners with offers they’ll struggle to resist

Negotiation: Brokering win-win deals on terms that work for you

Deal structuring: Minimising risk and maximising returns by securing and controlling opportunities the right way, whether you’re dealing with a single plot, land assemblies or complex mixed-use schemes

Appraisal: Getting all of your numbers right – knowing your build costs, sales values and every other input to make sure your figures add up and your developments stay profitable

Design and Placemaking: Creating schemes you can be proud of whilst optimising efficiency and maximising land values

Planning: Designing, negotiating and winning the very best planning permissions in the shortest time possible.

Continuing Professional Development: Getting to grips with changing legislation (such as recent Permitted Development Rights) and emerging policy to identify risks, angles and opportunities to always stay ahead of the competition



Maximise your profits and minimise your risk

Get the knowledge and experience to find, de-risk and optimise the potential of every opportunity - secure deals on the best terms, unlock the highest planning value and create places you can be proud of.

Your training is delivered by Paul Higgs MRICS. Paul held senior positions at Laing Homes and Barratt Developments Plc for 10 years and is CEO of award-winning developer, Millbank Group. He’s distilled everything he's learnt in his 39-year career to create a simple 7-step system that gives you the insider secrets the major housebuilders would rather you didn’t know.

“If you want to save yourself hundreds of thousands in potential errors and save years of your life, then get involved with Milbank Land Academy.”

Tony Rigby, CEO Stronghold Property

"You don't know what you don't know. Even for someone who's worked in the industry for 25 years, there's still lots that I didn't know. I know I wouldn't be talking to landowners and looking at the opportunities I am now had I not done this."

Tara Shippey MRICS

“Millbank Land Academy can accelerate what you do in property because there's a massive amount of expertise, knowledge and experience to tap into. So it will take you to where you want to get to a lot quicker and a lot safer..”

Guy Brown, CEO Blue Infinity Property Ltd 

“This is a must, if you are a property investor or developer looking to find Direct to Vendor deals that work, not only in terms of negotiation with a potential vendor, but crucially, understanding the planning system.”

Stuart Davidson BSc(Hons) MRICS

"I've been involved in property for about 20-odd years and haven't ever had any kind of formal training, I've just learned what I learned as I went and it cost me a lot of money, I made a lot of mistakes. So for me, it was about unlearning bad habits."

Sas Parsad, Developer

Discover the 7-step Insider System to find, de-risk and optimise development opportunities and win the best planning permissions every time

Our system provides a detailed framework designed to help you solve the biggest problems and sources of frustration facing the development industry today

step1-identify Finding the best sites
step2-navigate Quickly assess the potential
step3-secure Negotiate and structure the right deal
step4-instruct Create the optimum design
step5-drive Gain the best planning consent
step6-engage Find the right team
step7-realise Choose your preferred exits

Elevate your land, planning and development skills in three easy steps

Select Choose the course to suit your needs
Train Learn at your own pace with concise training modules delivering a wealth of detailed knowledge from industry insiders
Accelerate Fast track your development success with expert guidance to minimise risk and maximise the upside from every opportunity

Put your knowledge to the test

The Development Insider Scorecard identifies your level of land, planning and development know-how and benchmarks your ability to maximise land values and get the best deals done. It will also help you identify opportunities for growth.

If you want to become even more proficient, value-driven and profitable, this tool will show you where you are today and what to work on to get the most out of every opportunity.

Hear what people say...

"What appealed to me about the courses was getting inside Paul's head and spending as much time with him as possible. What he's done exceptionally well is de-compartmentalise each issue and each subject, at the same time as bringing them all together and that's not easy, that takes a lot of skill."

Gavin Barry
Gavin Barry CEO Prosperity Capital Partners

"These are real courses with a professional who has a proven track record. There may be as knowledgeable developers in the country, but it’s unlikely that there are more than a handful who are better. If you are serious about being a developer, you should do this."

Donald Holden 3
Donald Holden Civil Engineer and Developer

You would struggle to find a more knowledgeable speaker or property developer than Paul Higgs. If you want someone who walks the walk and ACTUALLY does this stuff day in day out then he’s your man. Exceptional value.”

Rahul Joshi Developer and Investor

Learn what the major developers would rather you didn’t know

No matter how much experience you have, our training and resources will transform your ability to get great deals over the line.