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Our training courses give you the essential insider knowledge that you need to find the most profitable sites and add maximum value to your projects, with minimum risk

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Development fundamentals

Insider System

Get a high-level, birds-eye view of the proven process which Industry insiders use to shortcut their property development journey.

  • Discover how development professionals find and secure sites with development potential and take them through the planning process
  • Understand the principles of quickly assessing the potential of a deal
  • Learn what’s involved in designing the best possible scheme for any site or building
  • Understand what it takes to create maximum value with minimal risk
  • Gain insights into how to get your scheme or proposal through planning as quickly as possible

Site Finder

Everything starts with land. Our site finding training gives you everything you need to start identifying the very best sites and approaching landowners in the most effective way.

For developers:

  • Understand how the land market, the development process, and the UK Planning System really works
  • Learn how to identify the different types of development potential that make great deals
  • Drill into the detail of what to look for, how, and where
  • Learn how to avoid wasting time and money on unprofitable deals
  • Discover the make-or-break dos and don’ts for approaching landowners

For sourcers and land agents:

  • Discover how to professionally package opportunities and find the best buyers
  • Learn the industry insiders’ method for introducing a site that protects your position and guarantees you get paid
  • Get instant access to our proprietary tried-and-tested Landowner Approach Letters, plus site introduction templates to optimise your site finding processes

Development Intensive

Take our flagship programme that has accelerated the progress of hundreds of property development professionals and shortcut your journey to structuring the best deals, designing the best schemes and winning the best planning permissions.

  • Cultivate the skills you need to create profitable land, planning, and development deals to Trade, JV, Build-To-Sell, or Build-To-Rent or hold for your own portfolio
  • Learn how to assess the development potential of any project so you always know what’s a good deal and what’s not
  • Understand how to control and negotiate deals in the safest way possible, even with minimal capital
  • Discover how to get maximum profit from every opportunity using design and planning know-how
  • Learn how to negotiate and win the best planning permissions in the shortest possible time
  • Understand how to find the right partners to build your team and get your deals funded
  • Know how to assess your best exit routes so you start every deal with the end in mind

Plus! Access case study documents and the Option Agreement and Development Appraisal templates that we use in our business every day.

Further training


Landowner Language + Negotiation

Negotiate win-win deals with landowners on terms that work for you!

  • Learn the 5 critical stages of negotiation so you don't lose out on deals
  • Understand how to prepare your mindset, words, and actions
  • Discover ways to get landowners on-side, overcome unrealistic expectations, and make winning proposals
  • Gain insights into different personalities and psychologies. Learn how to adapt you approach to handle any persona
  • Get a full run-down of the processes for negotiating and agreeing land deals using
  • Option Agreements and other deal structures

Development Appraisals, Build Costs + Sales Pricing

Never go over budget or commit to an unprofitable deal again. Discover how to make sure your deals stack up and deliver the scheme and profits you expect.

  • Understand the specifics of what to include in your appraisals
  • How to progress through the different types of appraisals at each stage of your project
  • Identify the most important calculations and learn how to perform them
  • Learn how to undertake affordable housing calculations and commercial valuations
  • Discover the five key build cost categories and how to estimate them
  • Go through a detailed real-world case study appraisal line-by-line to discover the intelligence behind the spreadsheet and where to source your information
  • Take an insider's approach to accurate sales research and pricing

Plus! Get our detailed Development Appraisal templates and an example of one of our live deal appraisals. Complete with up-to-date build costs and project cash-flow forecasts, which you can adapt for your own projects.


Option Agreements, Land Assemblies + Promotions

Create and control the highest-returning types of deals without risking your own capital.

  • Learn how to use £1 Option Agreements to control any deal
  • Get the inside track on Land Assemblies: When to use them, how to negotiate them, and how to bring these opportunities together
  • How to identify and start the process of finding sites and approaching landowners
  • Discover the new Permitted Development Rights (PDR) and how the best new opportunities are “interest assemblies”
  • Understand the common pitfalls, problems, and red flagsso you spot them early
  • Encourage landowners to enter into Option Agreements with you
  • Balance the interests of competing landowners while negotiating with them
  • Deal with landowners’ objections and unrealistic expectations
  • Promote strategic land and structure deals where you get a percentage of any planning uplift

Plus! Get exclusive access to our actual Option Agreement. We walk through it line-by-line so you can use it for your own deals.


Site Finding Applied

Go beyond the theory with this hands-on, practical guide to finding genuine off-market sites for development in the real world.

  • Learn the site finding process and the mindset you need for systematically looking for sites
  • Discover what development potential looks like in practice
  • Learn how to identify sites in high value areas
  • Master LandInsight and other mapping tools to carry out initial research on sites

Plus! Get insight regarding how to tell what is and isn't a viable site, backed up by multiple practical examples.


Permitted Development

Take advantage of the latest opportunities in the planning system before it’s too late!

  • Learn how to spot deals that other developers will miss
  • Know how and where to identify unprecedented opportunities. and get early mover advantages
  • Understand the impact that changes to legislation have on your deals and avoid costly mistakes
  • Gain a clear view of future changes and adjust your strategy accordingly

Get our complete collection


The Insider Collection

Get our entire collection of premium content to massively accelerate your development journey.

We hand you everything you need in this package, including the templates, processes, and letters we use in our property development business to get deals over the line.

  • Site Finder
  • Development Intensive
  • Insider System
  • Landowner Language + Negotiation
  • Option Agreements + Land Assemblies
  • Development Appraisals, Build Costs +
  • Sales Pricing
  • Permitted Development 2021/22
  • Site Finding Applied

Plus! Get 20% off the combined RRP of all our courses.