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Alex Harrington-Griffin

"Mind blowing. Come with sites in mind and you’ll come out much clearer on constraints and opportunities."

Suleman Sattar

"The course covers a huge amount of valuable information that is not taught anywhere else."

Kevin Knox RIBA

"No stone unturned! As detailed a course as you are ever going to experience in property."

Michele Ragozzino RIBA

"There is a lot of controversy and unhelpful hype within the property and development training space. I have experienced a range of Millbank's training and gladly have nothing but praise for the comprehensive and straight-forward way in which it is delivered.

Unlike some offerings of which I've been told, Paul and his team with a wealth of experience, do not gloss over the risks involved or promise any undeliverables' and are renowned for 'saying it as it is'. All presented in a tasteful and well-judged setting.

So, I'm very pleased to offer this recommendation without reservation. (As a chartered professional working in the field I rarely write these referrals)."

Stuart Davidson MRICS

"I recently joined Millbank Academy and, as a Chartered Surveyor by profession, I’d say this is one of the most useful trainings I have attended.

This is a must, if you are a property investor or developer looking to find Direct-to-Vendor deals that work, not only in terms of negotiation with a potential vendor, but crucially, understanding the planning system. Paul Higgs is one of the most knowledgeable professionals, when it comes to Planning and development, I know.

Paul’s delivery is unique, entertaining, and insightful. I would thoroughly recommend Paul's training for any professional or developer wanting to know more about land and property development."

Henry Reid

"The Development Intensive is the third course we have completed with the Millbank Land Academy. Once again it is packed with extremely useful information! We only wish we had known about the course before we started working in property development.

Key topics that I have personally benefitted from include identifying sites, approaching/negotiating with landowners, true value of understanding national/local planning policy, getting to grips with site abnormals and value engineering to maximise a site's potential to name a few.  Paul's knowhow has been unbelievably valuable. It has helped us to develop our approach and I would highly recommend it to those who are serious about getting into the Property Development."

Martin Man

"This may be the only review you need to read... Paul saved my bacon! I have had so many training courses from many different people and organisations. I must say the best training I have had was from Paul Higgs at the Millbank. His knowledge in property development, planning and construction is second to none.

Since attending his courses, I have turned down several projects that I would have otherwise gone ahead - prevented myself from digging my own grave. Paul's approach is direct and no BS. He often uses "language" appropriately to reflect the situation and make us all laugh! Highly recommended for anyone who is serious about property development."

Rahul Joshi

"I have attended 3 courses with Paul and the Millbank team. The knowledge I have gained is worth tens of thousands and is simply not available anywhere else.

Paul is doing this stuff day in day out, and there is literally nothing he can't answer or hasn't seen before. He is passionate about it and will tell you exactly what's what. On my last course, I met a guy who said he'd learnt more from Paul's INSIDER training than a 1-year Master’s degree he'd done on Development!

If you are remotely serious about land and planning, then you need to learn from Millbank. Simple as that."

Simon Johns

"Essential self-investment if you want to become a property developer.

I've been on many property courses and seen how most 'gurus' operate. The Millbank team include many very experienced developers, planners, and entrepreneurs who have done, and are currently doing major resi development deals and have seen pretty much every situation you can imagine.

Training is straight to the point with no padding, and advice tailored to your area or deal. Unmissable if you want to avoid losing £thousands and making the same mistakes as 99% of would-be developers."

Tara Shippey MRICS

"I was initially unsure whether to do the course as I am a Chartered Surveyor and have worked in the property industry for over 20 years. It was a lot of money, and I wasn’t sure how much I would learn with my experience; however, the planning and development process is very specialised, and I learnt a huge amount. If it saves me one mistake it will definitely be worth the money!"

Kevin Griffiths

"If you have any inclination or desire to obtain planning or develop property, then this course is highly recommended. There are so many aspects of the end-to-end process covered, any of which might cost more than the entire course if not done correctly. Nowhere else will you get this level of knowledge and attention to detail."

James Davies

"If you want to improve your knowledge and are ready to hear it in a no bullshit way, this is the course for you. I have attended other property courses which don't give you all the facts but sell you the dream. Paul hammers home the importance of knowing the detail and gives you the knowledge and tools to move your property business forward."

Henry Austin

"Having previously attended other training courses on site finding, I was initially hesitant to join Paul's 4-day training online but I'm so glad I did. Paul has a goldmine of relevant knowledge and experience and tells it exactly as it is.

I've learnt so much more than I was expecting which I have no doubt will make a massive difference to enabling me to spot opportunities that others may miss, to maximise land values and secure profitable sites. I wish I'd attended long ago!"

Andrew Dangerfield

"You don’t know what you don’t know. I thought there were several huge areas of knowledge missing that were preventing me from getting further into property but turns out that even the areas I thought I understood had huge gaps I didn’t know existed.

I particularly like Paul’s approach; engaging, quite clearly at the top of his game, but what tipped the balance for me is his ethics/morals: not about cutting corners, but about a fair approach to all persons involved, not least the end user of what is ultimately being produced."

William Morgan

"Paul is second to none in his knowledge of Land, Planning and Development. The four-day course takes you through step-by-step in how to maximise the potential of any site, structure a deal in a way that enables you to achieve the best planning permission (whilst mitigating potential pitfalls) and then how to navigate towards your preferred exit.

Since finishing the course, I can quickly identify, assess and maximise potential opportunities. Recommended!"

Gordon Hay

"If you intend sourcing or developing to any level this course is a must to understand the role of the developer. It's a complex role with many risks that need to be fully understood before embarking on development for SME or larger developers."

Tom Thorns

"If you want to do any multi-unit development or planning applications then you should attend this course. You will get your costs back in increased value on your first scheme."

Tony Rigby

"The magic and true value of development is unlocked and realised through the creative art and analytical science of land and planning... and Paul Higgs is the wizard! (Put simply: Stop f**king around. Cut through the bulls**t and go direct to the source!)"

Arpan Patel

"If you just want to understand the land and planning process a little more, no matter what your experience levels, then this is a hugely valuable course. If you want to completely alter your planning and development career, then this is definitely the way to do it."

John McDougle

"If you want to become a professional developer of a high standard, then you must do this course. Paul has the experience, in-depth knowledge and teaching skill to give you what you need."

David Barker

"I was already doing developments up to £20m GDV so was unsure how much value I would get from the course, but it was outstanding and covered far more detail than I expected. Paul is clearly passionate and has huge industry knowledge. Highly recommended.”

Matthew Wass

"I attended the Site Finder course a few weeks ago and it was brilliant. It gave a real insight in to how the land market works, including how to find sites and how to approach landowners. The course was well delivered and engaging, and I'd highly recommend the course."

Sunny Patel

"Great course with coverage on all key areas you need to know. Would highly recommend to those seriously looking at property development. Paul was very clear on all topics and the webinar was put together very professionally. Highly recommended."

Anna Koivu

"Brilliant course - Paul Higgs is exceptional in his field and the course was well organised with excellent content. I was also very impressed by all the extra Q and A sessions, huge value. Can't recommend Paul and his team enough both for those interested in getting into development and those already active developers."

Gavin MacKenzie

"This training is a must have if you are seriously looking to accelerate your learning. Before I started the training, I was wasting a lot of time looking at the wrong sites, thinking they had potential. Once I finished the training, I was able to quickly assess the potential and constraints which has saved a lot of time and money. I couldn't recommend this training enough!!"

Vineta Kravale

It was my first training with Paul Higgs and I was impressed - the knowledge that he provided, examples from the projects, what to do and not to do, questions answered. So much information in one day and notes, easy to follow with step-by-step actions to take.
Thank you, Paul and the team, well organised training!!!”

Oliver Musgrave

I attended the one-day training overview of the development process. This is now the second course I have done with Millbank Land Academy, and it is great learning from somebody like Paul who is clearly the genuine article. I chose to attend online during the pandemic, and I was impressed by the quality of training they delivered remotely.”

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