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Property development is about creating and adding value through a combination of imaginative thinking, clever design creative deal structuring and a genuine desire to work with the system to improve the environment and provide much-needed housing and commercial space in a way that benefits every stakeholder. And everything starts with land.

All of our training here at Millbank Land Academy is designed to provide two things:

A real insider’s understanding of the development process that will massively improve your skills at every stage.

A property development community where you can solve problems, build relationships and find partners.

With these as our two prime objectives, the bespoke training we’ve designed will both turbo-charge your development skills and upgrade your development peer group. We understand that every property development project starts life as a site (land), with or without existing buildings, which must first be identified and then either controlled or acquired. Once secured, the development then needs to be designed in the optimal way to maximise value and achieve the very best planning permission, because the most significant proportion of the value created from any real development project is added long before construction begins.

Here at Millbank Land Academy we believe that, whether you’re an experienced developer, a property trader, or just getting started on your property development journey, there are two closely related skill sets that differentiate the most successful from everyone else.

The first critical skill-set is knowing exactly what to look for to identify real off-market deals, either for your own projects or on behalf of others, and how to then initiate and set up the deal. Once you have this knowledge, all your projects will get off to the best possible start. The second, more complex, skill set is knowing exactly how to create the optimum design to maximise the value (and your profit) from any opportunity, whilst at the same time winning planning permission as quickly and easily as possible.

Along with a detailed introduction to how the land market, the planning system and development really works, Site Finder™ training is designed to teach you the first skill. Development Intensive™ then gives you the rest of the inside secrets and all the know-how needed to successfully negotiate and secure the deal, navigate the design, planning and development phases.

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About the Millbank Land Academy

Millbank Land Academy first started training big deal sourcers, property traders and developers in 2013 when land acquisition, planning and large-scale property development was not a commonly taught strategy in the property education arena. Interest in property development has grown in popularity over the past few years, with many attempting to move into this area because of recent UK tax reforms around property investment.

Unfortunately, many investors have tried to make the move into development without getting the best training and professional support. For some, this has resulted in them losing everything. There are many more failed ‘property developers’ who have gone bust than there are successful developers who are still around. We want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Property development is a high-reward business because it’s also very high-risk. Millbank Land Academy was set up to professionally educate people about the substantial gains to be made and the many pitfalls to avoid.

With over 36 years’ industry experience, Founder Paul Higgs has all the knowledge and skill required to show you how to leverage every opportunity, whilst preventing you from making the costly mistakes that can have far-reaching consequences.

Property development training at this level, where hundreds of thousands of pounds are at stake, requires input and advice from only those that have been there, seen it and done it for themselves at the highest of levels. Settling for learning from people with less experience means missing vital pieces of the puzzle that will cost you significant missed opportunities, time and money.

To use a footballing analogy, there are a lot of property trainers out there just like there are a lot of football coaches, the difference is that we don’t just teach you how to play football, we teach you how things really work at the top of the Premiership and how you can get there.

Meet Our Founder

Paul started his career labouring on building sites and did his first small-scale refurb in 1984 at the age of 17. Intent on becoming a property developer and believing (wrongly) that property development was all about building, he studied Construction Management whilst completing increasingly larger development deals and worked his way up to Site Manager by the age of 21. Having realised that development is really about land and planning, he then studied Land Economics part-time at University, making sure he had a good grounding in both practical and theoretical property development.

Qualified as a Chartered Planning & Development Surveyor, Paul progressed his career and honed his management skills by holding senior positions in the development industry for the next 10 years – first with Laing Homes and then Barratt Developments, the biggest developer in the UK – before escaping the corporate world to start Millbank Group in 2002. Millbank Group is now a multimillion-pound property development company and in 2013 won the Evening Standard New Homes Awards.

Few people can match Paul’s breadth and depth of industry experience. Those that can are busy using what they know rather than teaching it – in fact, most who play the game at that level don’t want others knowing the closely guarded insider secrets – making Paul’s knowledge and understanding of land acquisition, design, planning and development unique amongst trainers.

Through Millbank Land Academy, Paul provides a springboard for your creativity in finding and generating the very best off-market opportunities and then optimising every potential development situation, giving you a massive competitive advantage.

What difference could knowing what Paul knows make to you? Explore our training options or get in touch today to find out how the Milbank Land Academy can help you achieve the success in the property industry that you’ve always dreamed of.

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