The Development
INSIDER Intensive™

Learn how to master the system that generates by far the biggest profits achievable from any property strategy.
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6th - 27th Nov 2020
London, United Kingdom
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Having identified a site or building that may have development potential, do you struggle to cost, value or design the optimum scheme that maximises profit and minimises risk, thereby allowing you to gain the maximum possible return for your time and investment?

Even then, are you able to negotiate, structure and secure the deal on the best possible terms – ideally a £1 option? Is the process of preparing the right plans and winning the very best planning permission for your scheme often holding you back, slowing you down or preventing you from getting the biggest returns possible?

At Millbank Land Academy, we share with you the proven system and uncover the industry secrets that the major developers and housebuilders don’t want you to know. This gives you the confidence you need to realise your vision and become an even more successful developer than you already are (or aspire to be).

What Paul Higgs doesn’t know about planning and development, really isn’t worth knowing. What he does know is worth a fortune, when you learn the tactical application to make it work for you.

Having purchased, won planning for and built over 6,000 residential units on sites worth up to £500m GDV (each!), Paul has a vault of knowledge that he shares on this 3-day intensive – knowledge that will support you in being able to optimise and value engineer any project to create the most efficient and profitable residential or commercial space, bringing you the best financial return possible.

To date, Paul has never been unsuccessful in getting every planning application approved that he has submitted. That’s a 100% success rate in the planning system. So the chances are if you’ve been refused planning in the past or if you are concerned about getting planning on a current or future project, Paul’s insights into how to design for planning success and always tip the balance in your favour is something you need to tap into. By attending this 3-day intensive, you will fully understand the system and Paul will shed light on how to turn around past failures and accelerate the turnaround of all your future projects.

“The best course I have attended and without question the best value. I highly recommend it. This course passes on a lifetime’s learning and is a reference manual all in one.”

Duncan Cooke

“I would recommend this to anyone considering taking the next step into property development. It will pay off massively if you just apply a fraction of the knowledge.”

Ashley Rigg

“If you want to do any multi-unit development or planning applications then you should attend this course. You will get your costs back in increased value on your first scheme.”

Tom Thorns

“If you want to be a profitable and efficient developer, do this. I’ve realised now how much money I’ve wasted and did blindly on my previous developments.”

Ravi Vekaria

Your investment to learn exactly how to get the most out of every inch of space on every development site, ensure that you maximise the potential profit and minimise the risk of making the very expensive mistakes which will easily kill your deals, is £7,495+VAT

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What You Will Learn

This intensive training includes three days packed full of industry insider secrets that the major developers don’t want you to know – giving you EVERYTHING you need to succeed.

You will leave with the actionable skills required to create massively profitable Land, Planning & Development deals to either trade, JV, build to sell, or build to rent for your own portfolio.

Identify – Find the best, real off-market development opportunities
Navigate – Quickly assess the development potential of any site
Secure – Control and negotiate deals, even with minimal finances, in the safest way possible
Instruct – Leverage design and planning know-how to maximise the profitability of every opportunity
Drive – Negotiate and win the very best planning permission in the shortest time possible
Engage – Understand how to find and build your team and get funded
Realise – Assess your best exit routes to start every deal with the end in mind
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As this training is very time-intensive for Paul and as his primary business is buying land, winning the best planning permissions and developing property rather than training, we only run a few courses each year. This means that if you want results quickly, don’t hesitate to apply now for the next available date.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t find the time to attend this event?

We’re all busy; the question is what are we busy doing? It takes much less time and effort to create, design and build a fully optimised project as it does to do things the wrong way, mess it up, or have planning delayed or refused. If you haven’t got the time to learn how to optimise your development projects to make significantly more profit, it’s highly possible that you are very busy but still leaving money on the table. More likely, you’re probably ‘busy’ spending time on deals that don’t stack up to begin with.

More importantly, not having full awareness of the pitfalls, risks and mistakes made in development projects will cost you far more than three days of your time. In reality, it can often cost you many expensive days of other people’s time (architects and planning consultants in particular), asking them questions you should know the answer to yourself (after all, if architects and/or planning consultants knew everything they needed to know to be developers, wouldn’t they be developers?). A few days invested in your education now will save you years of angst, stress and thousands of pounds in abortive consultant fees.

I want to do the course. Do I really need to do The Site FINDER Formula™ training?

Yes, the reason being that it’s not just about finding sites, it’s about ensuring you have a sufficiently detailed understanding of the development life-cycle, the land market and the town planning system. As a result, although 100% stand-alone for site finding, it’s designed to also be the introduction to the 3-day training. Since we’ve been running our training we’ve discovered that, whilst some people know how to find sites (usually sites in the public domain and therefore not really ‘off-market’), even people who have been in the industry for many years are not familiar with the insider secrets of land acquisition and planning.

Furthermore, as the first step in the system, The Site FINDER Formula™ acts as an important primer for the subsequent steps covered in The Development INSIDER Intensive™. At this level, as the group is small, all students need to have had the same grounding so they can start from the same place of understanding regarding the foundational development processes.

The course is a sizeable investment, how can I be sure it’ll be worth it for me?

Paul doesn’t do a great deal of consultancy, because it’s not a good use of his time compared to working on his own projects, but when he does he charges between £10k-£15k per day. The 3-day training gives you over 30 hours of Paul’s tuition, plus the opportunity to ask any question about your current projects. Paying for this amount of Paul’s time is not affordable for most people, but by training up to 18 people at a time we’re able to make it more accessible.

As Derek Bok, former president of Harvard University said, “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”. In life and business, we either pay for our education or for our mistakes. Paying for mistakes in development will be far more expensive. A small investment, compared to the possible returns, to learn the knowledge of what to spend money on and when, will help you to avoid making huge profit-stealing mistakes in all your land, planning or development-related projects.

I’m already experienced in development and am more interested in doing a JV than in training. Do I need to do the course?

We often get asked if Paul is available to mentor or work with on JV’s and, although he does sometimes do this, because of the sheer volume of requests he can ONLY do this for a select few – and only for people that are fully trained in The Development INSIDER System™. The reason for this is that those who do our training become so massively knowledgeable and advanced compared to most developers that they only find and create deals with great potential and, as a result, can be relied on not to waste their (or Paul’s) time.

Our trainings fill up fast and spaces are limited, as we cap each course at 18 and only run the course a few times a year, so click to apply now.

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*Applications for this training are essential. Not everyone will be at the right stage of their property development journey to be able to maximise the potential return on their investment in this training. The Millbank Land Academy team will review your application before confirming availability on this 3-day intensive training.